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Pest Control San Mateo | San Mateo Pest Control

Pest Control San Mateo

There aren’t many bugs that can irritate us as much as flies do. Not only are they a nuisance, but they transmit bacteria and other harmful germs from surface to surface, and sometimes even our food. Our pest control San Mateo experts can create an invisible barrier that will keep flies out of your home.

San Mateo Pest Control
Silverfish, Earwigs

Silverfish are mostly harmless to humans, but their presence is still unnerving. Silverfish are commonly found in dark, damp areas such as in a basement or in bathrooms. Earwigs are similar to silverfish, in that they prefer dark, damp areas in which to wait for their next meal, which usually consists of other small bugs and even spiders. They have been known to cause damage to flowers and other foliage. Our San Mateo pest control specialist will get your earwig and silverfish infestation under control! Call Cam Am Pest Control today and ask for a FREE consultation from the number one San Mateo pest control company!

Pest Control San Mateo
Indian Meal Moths

Your breakfast foods may be under attack by the Indian meal moth. These moths lay their eggs, up to 400 at a time, on a food’s surface, filling your favorite breakfast cereal with a crunch – and not the good kind. Let our pest control San Mateo authorities keep your toasted oats protected from Indian meal moths all year long!

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