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Pest Control Fremont CA

Pest Control Fremont CA
Sow Bugs

Sow bugs are usually found outdoors, but every now and again you may find one in your home. With Cam Am’s pest control Fremont CA program, you won’t have to worry about shooing off unwelcomed pests any more. Our perimeter pest control application will create an invisible shield around your home to keep bugs like these from coming inside.

Pest Control Fremont CA
Fabric Pests

Fabric pests such as moths or carpet beetles feed on animal hair fibers and even human hair, which explains why they prefer to live in closets and under furniture. These bugs wander from location to location, so it may be hard to detect their presence without the expert assistance of a pest control Fremont CA authority from Cam Am Pest control.

Pest Control Fremont CA

Cockroaches are one of the nastiest and creepiest bugs you may come across in your home. There are many different types of cockroaches, but they all have one thing in common – they all carry bacteria. As cockroaches roam around your property and into your home, they contaminate every surface they come into contact with, making their presence a health danger to your family. Our pest control Fremont CA buffs have the best course of treatment to eliminate these creepy bugs from your home! Call Cam Am Pest Control today for a FREE consultation!

Pest Control Fremont CA

Silverfish are mostly found in dark, damp spaces. They are usually harmless but that doesn’t mean you want them in your home. We have pest control Fremont CA applications that will get rid of these and other bothersome bugs from your home. Call Cam Am today and schedule a FREE consultation with a qualified pest control Fremont CA professional!

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