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Pest Control San Francisco | Pest Control Oakland | Pest Control San Mateo

Pest Control San Francisco
Residential Pest Control

Cam Am offers premier pest control San Francisco to our residential customers. Store-bought products don’t provide the kind of lasting quality you need to keep your home and family protected from pests like sow bugs, flour moths, cockroaches, flies, earwigs and more. Let an exterminator San Francisco from Cam Am provide you with a FREE consultation to determine how we can help you get your pest problem under control for good.

Pest Control Oakland
Pantry Pests

You don’t have to have an actual pantry to host pantry pests such as cigarette and drug store beetles, and flour and Indian meal moths. These types of bugs love to live in areas of your home where food is stored, such as kitchen cabinets. Our pest control Oakland experts will help you stop these bugs from contaminating your food.

Pest Control San Mateo
Cigarette Beetles

Cigarette beetles get their name because they enjoy feeding on cured tobacco, cigarettes and cigars. However, their meals aren’t limited to these items; they also feed on cereals and rice and even non-food items such as books. Our pest control San Mateo has the expertise to discover the hiding places of cigarette beetles to wipe them out for good.

Pest Control Bay Area
Drug Store Beetles

Drug store beetles are very similar to cigarette beetles. They enjoy feasting on your flour, spices and pet food. As their name implies, they also feed on prescription drugs. Let our pest control Bay Area experts help you keep these bugs out of your cupboards.

Pest Control Fremont CA
Mediterranean Flour Moths

This pantry pest is commonly found in cereals, grains, bran and other breakfast foods. Not only do they feed off these items, but they also lay their eggs in the food, rendering the food inedible. Our pest control Fremont CA pros are ready to bring out the best treatments in the business to keep your food safe from these filthy flour moths.

Mountain View Pest Control
Indian Meal Moths

Your breakfast foods may be under attack by yet another pest – the Indian meal moth. These moths also lay their eggs, up to 400 at a time, on a food’s surface, filling your favorite breakfast cereal with a crunch – and not the good kind. Let our Mountain View pest control authorities keep your toasted oats protected from Indian meal moths all year long!

Pest Control Sunnyvale
Sow Bugs

Sow bugs are typically found outdoors, but every now and again you may find one in your home. Our pest control Sunnyvale technicians will create a shield around your home to keep bugs like these from coming inside.

Pest Control Hayward CA
Fabric Pests

Fabric pests such as moths or carpet beetles feed on animal hair fibers and even human hair, which explains why they are commonly found in closets and under furniture. These bugs don’t stay in any one place, so it may be hard to detect their presence without the expert assistance of a pest control Hayward CA authority from Cam Am Pest Control.

Exterminator Cupertino
Other Beetles

There are literally hundreds of different kinds of beetles that can be invading your home. Cam Am will send a highly trained exterminator Cupertino to inspect the premises and find out what bugs are calling your house “home.” Once we have determined which bugs are present, we can devise a plan of action to get them out of your home for good.

Pest Control Los Gatos

Cockroaches are one of the filthiest bugs you can have in your home. There are many different types of cockroaches, but they all have one thing in common – they all carry bacteria. As cockroaches roam around your property and into your home, they spread germs on every surface they come into contact with, making them a health danger to your family. Our pest control Los Gatos has the best course of treatment to eliminate these creepy bugs from your home today!

Pest Control Daly City

Silverfish are mostly harmless to humans, but their presence is still unnerving. Silverfish are commonly found in dark, damp areas such as in a basement or in bathrooms. We have pest control Daly City applications that will get rid of these and other bothersome bugs from your home. Call Cam Am today and schedule a FREE consultation with a qualified pest control Daly City professional!

Pest Control Campbell CA

Earwigs are similar to silverfish, in that they prefer dark, damp areas in which to wait for their next meal, which usually consists of other small bugs and even spiders. They have been known to cause damage to flowers and other foliage. Our pest control Campbell CA specialists can get your earwig problem under control! Call Cam Am Pest Control today and ask for a FREE consultation!

San Francisco Pest Control

There aren’t many bugs that are more annoying than flies. Not only are they a nuisance to us, but they also transmit bacteria and other harmful germs from surface to surface, and sometimes even food. Our San Francisco pest control experts can create an invisible barrier that will keep flies out of your home.

Exterminators San Francisco
Perimeter Pest Control

In order to keep the entire perimeter of your home protected from unwanted pests, our exterminators San Francisco will apply a high-quality solution around your home. We will be sure to include those tiny cracks and crevices so there’s no chance a bug can sneak inside. Call the best exterminators San Francisco at Cam Am Pest Control today to find out more about our incomparable perimeter pest control services!

Oakland Pest Control
Service Area

Cam Am Pest Control is committed to keeping bugs and other unwanted pests out of your home season after season! We offer unmatched Oakland pest control services to communities in: San Francisco, Daly City, San Mateo, San Carlos, Menlo Park, Stanford, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Saratoga, Campbell, Los Gatos, Half Moon Bay, Newark, Union City, Hayward, Oakland, Berkeley and surrounding communities.

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